Writing Can’t be Multitasked

Writers write at Wild Acres Retreat in North Carolina #writing


I started off this month at a summer camp for writers in North Carolina. While it was respectfully entitled a “writer’s workshop/conference” it felt a lot like summer camp – having a roomie, eating meals together, and geeking out over writing.

Every one of these writers was serious. They weren’t dabblers. Some had been published multiple times, some still working towards it, but all of us were honing our craft.

The one piece of advice that sticks out is writers write.

¬† Writers write. –Overheard at Wild Acres Writers’ Conference

You won’t ever get your blog post done if your derriere’s not in the seat. Writing is NOT a multitasking assignment. The only way to get it done is to do it.

But I understand writing is time-consuming. Even for someone like me who feels drawn to do it, I struggle to do it outside of work. My unfinished novel feels very unloved and ignored most days.

While I can’t help get you in the seat (hiring me to write for you is one way around¬†that), I can help make things easier for you once you’re there. Here’s an article I wrote recently about how creating a content library can help you become a more efficient content producer.


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