Your Website is now Your Organization’s Membership Chair

Open up and let members in with a great website and good content.If as a student you ever joined a club, you probably based your decision to join as much on the club’s reputation as you did anything else. Who was in the club, what people thought of the club, and what interaction you had with other members of the club, all contributed to creating the club’s reputation in your mind.

Today we don’t have the whispers in the high school cafeteria to help us make up our decisions. We base it on something a lot more concrete like a website.

Your Website is Your Membership Director

How often do you find yourself researching an organization online before you reach out to a membership person?

If you don’t provide good, accurate information people won’t join.

Recently, I looked into joining a club that had different chapters all over town. Each chapter held its meeting on a different day. I had a very small window in my calendar and wanted something that would meet on a Thursday night. No such luck. I decided not to join because they didn’t offer a meeting that worked with my schedule.

I based this decision on the information I read on their website. I sent an email (from information obtained on their website) to verify it but no one ever got back to me.

A potential member lost

Turns out, according to a flier I later saw, they did have a chapter that met on Thursdays. I ended up going to the next meeting and joining but the ending may not have been a happy one. Had I not seen the information in a flier and relied solely on their website, I would’ve given up on them.

If you’re a member-based group, your organization’s website is now more important than your membership chair.

You can be sure some people will always prefer to do their legwork online outside of talking to someone.

 I didn’t bother to call because I didn’t want to be recruited. I just wanted to know if they had a group that met on the night I was free. If they did, I’d join. If not, oh well.

Right now, don’t wait, ask yourself:

  • Is my website up-to-date?
  • Does it depict me in a flattering light?
  • Can people get the information they need easily?
  • Am I giving them a reason to return?

If you answered no to any of these questions, I can help. Contact me today.

Don’t let potential members disqualify themselves on erroneous information. Give them what they need and welcome them in.


Photo credit: fiat luxe via Flickr

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