My Story


A very short while ago I was a creature of comfort, a risk-averse introvert. (This is the part where I’d like to write that I reached a milestone age, reevaluated my choices in life and decided to go for the gusto.) While some of that is true, some of my decisions to come out from my shell “happened” to me. In two short years, my marriage ended and I left a job I had for nearly half a decade to do my own thing. But as I found a way to accept (and thrive) amidst these changes, I realized that they were essential for my own growth and rekindling of my passion.

Why am I telling you all this?



So you know I am a firm believer that if you want different results, then you need to do something differently. The same old, same old, is not going to yield a spectacularly different return for you.

If what you have now is not working, you need to try something new. And new is uncomfortable. I know.

But I can help with that.

As a writer with an interest in food and shelter, I’ve written everything. I’ve been in the B2B market for a software company working with associations and member-based organizations. Prior to that, I worked in B2C writing product descriptions for a home shopping network. And if you journey back to the dawn of time, I cut my teeth in technical and government writing. When I’m not writing for others, I spend my time writing fiction. I love a good story.

After two decades of writing in an office setting, I chose a different experience. I let go of the safety net and comfort. Part of that was driven by my current needs and desires, but part of it was looking to my future as well. I wanted a job that was portable; one I was in control of. One where I was accountable for (and the driver behind) every aspect of its success.

And I want to travel the world for long periods of time. Most companies just aren’t down with that. (I’ve incorporated my desire to roam in the bottom of some of my first few blog posts, where you’ll find funny little stories, oddities or pictures of far-away lands. Consider it my travelogue until I can bring them to you first hand.)


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