Why Stories Work for Business

You’ve heard a lot about content marketing and storytelling for business recently. It’s all the rage and people are either talking about how to do it, thinking about it, lamenting the fact they don’t think they can do it or complaining they’re too scared to do it.

But any way you look at it storytelling and business has become big business. Here’s why:storytelling for business

People relate to stories

We have a natural need to connect. Regardless of backgrounds, there are certain story lines and personas we all relate to.

We understand conflict and wait to hear how it will be resolved. There’s a natural build to a story and we recognize it.

We also place ourselves in a story and imagine how things would’ve worked out had we been a part of it. If we enjoy the story, we want to be a part of it.

Stories stick with us

Stories are memorable. Long after the teller’s name has escaped us, we remember the story. We remember the bit of themselves that they shared with us.

The story may even prompt us to reach out in the future or use it as a conversation opener the next time we interact with the teller.

Stories evoke emotion

A good story moves us. It brings out emotion. We laugh, we cry, we seek justice. Emotion persuades. Purchases are based on emotion, not logical thinking.

Stories get repeated

Everyone enjoys a good story and because they stick with us, we are apt to repeat them. Our audience becomes the storyteller for a new audience.

Stories help you target your ideal customer

Crafting your story helps target the people you want to do business with. Many businesses are afraid to tell their story because they worry people won’t want to do business with them. Good. That’s the point. Unless you have an absolutely terrible story, someone will identify with it. Crafting it in a way that appeals to your target market will help you convert your ideal customer while leaving others on the wayside. Why spend “selling” time and money on someone who is not your ideal?

Telling Your Business’ Story

Telling your story is easy. It’s about capturing the passion of what makes you unique and sharing it in a socially acceptable way. You can do it through words, images, voice or video. But why choose?

People want to buy from people they know and can identify with. I won’t do business with someone whose story is diametrically opposed to my own.

Connections are becoming increasingly important. If you’re not giving them the time they need to be built and nurtured, you will see your customer base eroding as your competition begins to understand the importance of a good story.


Photo credit: via Flickr by Janet 59


The image is a story telling chair. While it’s beautiful in its simplicity, your business needs something more conducive to conversation.

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