Please note: All packages can be customized to knowledge level and need. Pieces may be ghost written, guest written or written as an additional member of your staff in accordance with your preferences.




Content   Marketing Backpack

Content   Marketing Jetpack

Content   Marketing Super Sonic Rocketpack to the Future

Telling Your Story (about page and social media intros)

Thought leadership article (750-800 words)



1 per month

2 per   month

Social media profile postings 1 per day per profile for up to   3 profiles 2 per day per profile for up to   3 profiles

3 per day per profile for up to 4 profiles

Blog post (250-400 words) 4 per month 12 per month

20 per month

Case study or customer testimonial write-up

Social media management and reputation monitoring 1x a day search on   organization’s name/service Monitoring twice daily of name,   service and topics of interest
Written analysis of existing content/analysis of shares


Newsletter content


Content share report

Editorial calendar creation/maintenance

Price per month





Packages can function as a beginning content marketing plan for your business or organization, where I train your employees on future content production tactics or as an ongoing practice that I maintain for you. (In the latter case, a maintenance discount applies.).

Social Media on Autopilot – (package starts at $500 per month).

Wishing you didn’t have to worry about your social media profiles? This package is for you. It includes:

·     posting 3x a day on up to 4 social media profiles

·     daily listening (and escalation as required) on your organization’s name and main service/product

·     1x daily search on competitor activities and mentions

·     weekly report on most popular posts and topics of interest


Analysis Options:

Audience analysis and content strategy ($250) – Good content focuses on your audience but if you don’t know what they want, it’s hard to get started. This report will tell you what your audience wants and the questions they’re asking. Includes section on how you can best meet their needs from subject and medium perspectives.

Engagement strategy ($200) – Written report and on how you can engage your community for maximum results. (This is not a generic report on engagement tips but one personalized to your organization and community.) Tips on building buzz, increasing involvement and appealing to your audience.

Audience analysis and content strategy + engagement strategy ($400) – some things (like content and engagement strategy) just go better together and I’ve priced them accordingly.

Existing content analysis/audit ($200) – Where are you going, Where have you been is not just the name of my favorite short story it’s also sound advice for content. Is it still reflecting the needs of your audience? Is it in the medium they find most compelling? I’ll take a look and create an actionable report.

Training (available in the following categories):

  • Content marketing
  • Social media
  • Community building
  • Gamification best practices
  • Personal branding


Individual Pricing:

(all content is keyword optimized and prices listed are flat-fee unless otherwise noted):

Individual blog post up to 500 words (no research required) – $35

Industry article up to 1,000 words (no research required) – $50

Research report – $50 per hour

Web content – $35 per hour

Case study/testimonial (includes reaching out to customer and securing permission) – $50

Rewriting of existing content – $20 per hour

Email newsletter creation – starting at $50

Email content creation – $20 per hour

Video script – $40 for up to 5 minute video

*Ask about discounts for multi-month packages/long-term projects.


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