May Your Heart be Light



May the magic of the holidays inhabit your every day.


I love this time of year and it’s not because of the twinkly lights and the presents under the tree that may, or may not, have little corners pulled away from their wrapping paper coverings exposing tiny little secrets to what they may contain.


I love the reflective quality of the time. The days are shorter. It gets darker earlier. The temps finally cool (I live in Florida), although not really.

And there’s time to think about where you were last year. And time to dream of where you’ll be next year.


I remember the people who are no longer in my life and, hopefully, cherish the people who are.

And I eat wonderful meals without care to the calories or what it takes to work it off in the gym. And I drink an amazing red (or two) and toast all that is yet to come.

I hug¬†and love on the kids a little longer this time of year because with every tragedy that occurs, I’m reminded just how quickly lives can change, and at some point any ordinary Christmas can be a last. And I don’t do it to be sad or morbid. I do it to be grateful.

Then I dream of the trips I will take and the everyday adventures that will unfold this coming year and I hope they are both recognized and appreciated.

And I continue to learn.

Which brings me back to¬†reflecting on all that has come before me to bring me to this point — happy and sad, trying and triumphant — and all the wonderful challenges, frustrations, opportunities, loves and losses that are still ahead of me.

And I smile.



Merry Christmas to you and yours.

May the magic of the holidays surround you every day.


Thank you for your readership.

Your turn...