It’s Just a Blog

Today we want instantaneous results. In business we want immediate conversions. Associations (or member-based organizations) want immediate member sign-ups. Guess what? A blog won’t do this for you the moment you launch it.

So why do it if you’re not seeing immediate return? Why date if you want to get married? You’re wasting a lot of time meeting new people aren’t you?

Today’s marketing is not about telling someone to buy from you or telling them to give you dues. A lot of people are making up their minds about you before they even call or visit or text2image_J38433_20131003_163240attend an event. They are forming an opinion of your organization with or without your help and using a bullhorn to talk about yourself is not doing you any favors. Writing a successful blog, building an audience of followers and interested people does not happen over night unless you were in this Summer’s blockbuster movie or you caught the winning touchdown last night (and if that’s the case you might as well write a book while you’re at it). It took Chris Brogan years to get to where he is. Seth Godin wasn’t born with a tribe – unless you count his parents.

A blog is about sharing. Give it time. You don’t share everything that’s wonderful about you and your company in the twist of a fire hydrant knob. Stop expecting the instantaneous. A blog is delayed gratification, at best. Be patient with growing your audience. Tell your story over time. The best stories are those that continue and evolve, that draw the audience in.

Stop expecting a dollar sign from a relationship. That will happen but only after you’ve earned it. Blogs aren’t direct revenue streams from the beginning. They’re just a method with which to connect, continue the conversation and build the relationship. They can help you make an impression; to be seen as the leading expert in a field or industry. But it takes time. Don’t give up on blogging just because you don’t see immediate return. You can’t monetize the courtship process and that’s what a blog is part of. Your potential customers or members are getting to know you, discovering if they like you. Don’t force it. Don’t expect them to pull out an engagement ring on the first date.

It is, after all, just a blog.

Your turn...