Tips on How to Feed Your Content Need

Feed your Content NeedDid your parents ever tell you, money doesn’t grow on trees?

This was particularly confusing for me because growing up in a half-Italian family, we often gave what was called a “Money Tree” with money in small bills attached to the branches for good luck.

But apparently, as I learned somewhere around the age of 10, even though the tree is called a “Money Tree” the money has to be placed there and doesn’t actually grown from its branches.

This is not true of content.

Content ideas grow on trees and everywhere else. Content ideas can be found while watching television, while reading your twitter feed, while talking to friends, or having a conversation with your child. You can get ideas for your business when answering a customer service call or perusing your competitor’s website.

All those “National ____ Day” designations, as well as holidays, provide content ideas. You can repurpose your old content by refreshing data or stats contained in it or creating a new version in a different form of media.

Since it’s that time of year, I’m going to leave you with

12 Days of Content Ideas:

On the twelfth day of working, my content creator give to me:

12 posts addressing customer questions,

11 customer stories,

10 inspirational image quotes,

9 quick tip videos,

8 favorite things questions,

7 tweetable quotes from blog posts,

6 compliments to others on social media,

5 staff introduction videos,

4 favorite book reviews,

3 best industry practice podcast tips,

2 rebuttals to other industry posts,


a behind the scenes video look at our company.

When creating content use multiple forms from whitepapers to blog posts, tweetable quotes to images, video to podcasts.  When you create the content in one form, look for ways to use pieces of it in other forms of media. It is much easier to carve up pieces of things you’ve already created and repurpose them than it is to create something from scratch each time. Plus it is rare that your audience will see everything you create. If someone sees the same content in a different form it will only reinforce the message.

Look around you. Content is everywhere. It’s easy to feed your content need.

You just have to be open to discovery and be creative about how you can use it.

Your turn...