My Favorite New Year’s Practice

So my new year’s resolutions lasted about as long as the peace and quiet in my household.

But I haven’t given up.

What's your resolution?

Here’s what I’m working on this year along with everyone else in the U.S.:

Healthier eating habits. A challenge for a severe sugar addict.

More exercise. I sit almost all day. That needs to change.

Meditation. Hey, everyone else is claiming to do it. Thought I’d try it too. The problem is I’m a terrible night owl with serious deadline anxiety so I stay up way too late and wake up much too early. This is not conducive to meditation as meditation becomes a short nap, which I’ve found I am very good at so far.

Drink more water. I don’t drink much of anything.

More speaking engagements. I like getting out there and talking with industry people. I’m putting some things in place to encourage myself to do it more often.

Get back to reading 2 books a month. I used to do this and then some but slipped down to a book a month last year. Would like to get back up to 36-40 books a year but probably not this one.

Finish work on a screenplay I love. Finish a novel and a short story.

Small stuff, right?


So fours days into the new year my eating is just as lousy as it was before. I’m not working out or moving any differently. I haven’t meditated once, unless you count hitting the snooze button. I have probably consumed a total of 64 ounces of water in four days.

I’m failing severely but I have done a few things right. I’m:

reading, which is essential to my job.

keeping up with my blog goal of one post a week.

finally settling into my office.

I want to talk about that third one. I was planning on moving out-of-state at the end of this school year. My plans changed, and now I’m staying put. It’s not something I’m overjoyed about but I’m taking some advice from writer Joseph Campbell:



Growing Where I’m Planted

To put this into practice, I’m creating a space I love, even if it’s not in a place I love.

I painted a childhood desk of mine, decorated it with quotes that inspire me, bought a comfortable reading chair, and filled the room with soft lighting. The space finally reflects me as I’m filling it full of my favorites not just using it as a storage spot for “misfit” furniture.

This change in attitude (and decor) makes a big difference and my mind is filled with possibilities and energy to do some amazing (I hope) things this year.

Which brings me to my favorite new year’s practice thus far…

Self Improvement Roulette


One of the other things that has held my attention is what I call “Self Improvement Roulette.” When I reviewed my 2017 and plotted out my path for a successful 2018, I came up with a lot of things I wanted to implement.

Too many.

If you try to change 20 things about yourself, you’ll likely fail because you’ll lose your target much like what happens to me when I walk into a new room. I wonder,

“What am I here for?”

I didn’t want to do that with my resolutions.

Hey, don’t bring up the sugar failing.

So, I wrote down 31 things that I can do in a few minutes to an hour each and placed them in a bowl. Every morning I draw one and that’s my mini goal for the day. So far I’ve:

  • reconnected with an old friend.
  • researched an area of interest and learned a new skill.
  • paid someone a compliment.
  • said yes (for the benefit of someone else), when I wanted to say no. Like when a child asks you to play and you’re really too tired.

These little things are easily done and have some real value not only to me but to others as well. Plus, it’s kind of fun pulling out a new challenge each day.

So far, even though I’m not even batting 500 on my resolutions, I feel good about the changes I’m making.


Tell me…what are you up to? We’re almost a week in. Have you changed the world yet?

Or, like me, are you still working on the sugar thing?

If you’ve totally given up on your resolutions and are beating yourself up about it, read this post my friend wrote.

It’ll make you feel better and get you to a place where you can start making things happen.

Your turn...