Content Marketing Helps You Sell Earlier

Are you capturing the easy sales on your website with good content?Sometimes I wish I could wear a t-shirt when I go into brick-and-mortar shops that reads,

“If you can see my face, I’m here to buy something.”

Or maybe the hologram on my credit card could shine a bat signal when I enter a store and a salesperson could come right to me.

Know Your Customer

In the days before the Interwebs, I worked in retail in a women’s clothing store. When a man walked in, we nearly knocked ourselves over getting to him. Not because we were high school girls but because most men hate shopping and they certainly don’t want to spend any extra time in a women’s-only store. They walk in and they buy (and they’ll often buy accessories if you suggest them). No trying on, no fuss. Just a card and they’re off. At sixteen, we knew our customer.


Today, I shop the same way.


Like the men I rang up on multiple occasions, I don’t like to shop. If you see me in your store, I’m there for one thing — to buy something. Show it to me and ring me up. I’ve already researched the prices online. I already know the product specs.

I’m not alone in my purchasing habits. 

76% of the population does their research prior to getting to the store or having a conversation with a sales person.

If you’re waiting to see your customer’s face before you launch into your sales pitch, it’s already too late. The good news is if they’re like 76% of the population researching before they reach a salesperson, you have a sale but…


How many people are you missing because of your website?

How many people can’t find the information they need easily from your site?

Or how many can’t figure out what you do or if you can specifically help them?

Are you holding their interest? Making them want to do business with you? Is your content working?

How many potential customers have questions you can’t answer online? Do you think they’ll wait to call you during business hours? They might if they can’t find the answer on your competitor’s site.


Tonight while your loved ones are sitting in front of the television with their phones or tablets ask them to visit your site. Give them a basic question to “research” on your site. See if they can answer it just from the information presented. See if they can do it quickly.

If not, you’re leaving those easy sales on the table.


If the easy sales are on the table, what’s happening with the hard ones?


Photo credit: skippyjon via Flickr

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