Content Marketing Begins at Home

content storyIf you read the “Why You Need Content Marketing” section, you know that I chose small business content marketing because of the amazing stories. While not amazing, I thought I’d share more of mine:

My godmother told me early in life, when I told her of my desire to be a writer, “You’re dreaming. Get your head out of the clouds. You’re going to need to eat.” I took her words to heart and majored in something much more practical – Political Science. For the next twenty or so years, I made a living as a writer – as a ceremonial documents/publicity writer, as a technical writer, as a product marketing writer, as an editor who wanted to be a writer and most recently as a content marketing writer but my ideas were always limited by my employer. I had gotten my head out of the clouds and stuck it directly into the sand. It was time to take what I had learned in writing for business and use it to help other organizations.

I’m a writer before a marketer so I’m always thinking about audience and participation. I think about the build of a story, not the hype of a marketing plan. And I tell the story in words that appeal to the reader. You will never hear me use words like go-to market plans and sales funnel. While these concepts are important, as a business owner you just want a satisfied customer and repeat business. Telling your story will help you get there. Pitching a hard sell to every visitor of your website will not.

What’s your story? Need some help telling it?

photo credit: umjanedoan, flickr

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