Consistency and Other Best Practices I Ignore as a Blogger

I tell clients all the time that they need to be consistent in their posting. If they’re not, they’ll never gain the traction they need to be successful in blogging.

I always want to follow that good advice with…

Do as I say. Not as I do.










Whenever I meet with a new client, I tell them,

“Just don’t look at my website, unless you’re looking for things not to do.”

The truth is I spend my days (and many nights) adhering to the best practices for my clients. On my hours off, I’m busy reading, researching, working on presentations, and a screenplay.

So what is the point of this post?

It’s to announce a realization I had that I’ll tell you about in a sec.

Ya see, I love this time of year between Christmas and New Years. I spend a lot of time thinking about where I was this time last year, what I’ve accomplished, who I’ve lost along the way, and what I want next year to look like.

My review practice can be a little morbid as I say goodbye to the year and those who are no longer with me (I lost my BFF in March). But it’s not all sad. I do this as part of a thankful celebration for the people who have been in my life and those who still are, for where I am and for where I have yet to go.

Part of this year’s ritual helped me see the need for a new blogging practice.


Here’s the thing…

Marketers blog so people will see them as experts. While I will gladly handle your marketing strategy for you, my specialty is business storytelling.

And I realized I don’t do enough of that in this space.

How can I talk about the importance of your business story if I’m never here?

When I am, I’m simply TELLING you how to do things, not SHOWING you.

Cardinal sin #1 for any writer.

So, you dear audience, deserve more.

You deserve a business storyteller who actually tells stories.

Ya see, I don’t want to tell you what to do all the time. After all, storytelling is extremely personal. It’s between you and your audience. At best, I can give you generalities that will likely apply, but the magical type of storytelling comes from knowing who you’re speaking to. I can help my clients with that because we’re talking specifics, but in this blog, the best I’m giving is general information that works for a variety of small businesses.


In 2018, I will give you more of me, which is incredibly uncomfortable. I’m a fairly private person.

But all good storytelling is based in connections and I can’t think of a better way to show you how to do it for your business than by showing you how I do it.

The good, bad, and the ugly.

Please join me.

This relationship is already uncomfortably one-sided. I do hope you’ll tell me more about you this year too.



Your turn...