You had me at your Brand

Brand goes a long way in marketing. But the difference between old school lobrand loyalyalty based on a product name and today’s personal branding is immense.

I don’t think of myself as a brand loyal person from a product side. I am frugal and buy what gives me the best value, which for me also (usually) means the cheapest. However, I noticed this is not true when I’m buying “people.”

I met Christopher S. Penn on one occasion but I’ve followed him in the social spheres for ages. He’s a very smart guy, a 21st century marketer and a master of analytics. His blog posts are meaty and you’ll learn a lot by following him and/or subscribing to his weekly newsletter.

I realized something as I got notification from him on a new book he wrote. I will buy it for two reasons — it’s Chris and it’s about creativity (a keyword that catches my eye). He doesn’t have to sell me on anything further and I haven’t even read the synopsis.

While you may not be interested in the content of my book shelves, as a business owner you should be interested in why I’m buying it. Chris has a reputation (in my book) of serving great, helpful content. I like what I’ve seen and know of him. I am buying “him” as much as I am buying his book.

Chris’ name/brand equals valuable marketing guidance (in my mind). His use of content marketing and storytelling has me consistently turning to him when I need marketing advice. So… when he offers a product, his reputation sells it to me without him saying a word. (That’s not exactly true. He does have to make sure I know about it.) Chris doesn’t sell me in superlatives. He merely provides me with a lot of helpful resources for free.

You can do the same thing with your business marketing. The first step is to create helpful content. Know your audience. Find out what their concerns or struggles are and produce content that helps reduce those things. When you do, your audience will start to see you as a valuable resource and your personal brand will become your best salesperson.


Image via Flickr by pds209

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