Content Marketing for Chambers & Associations

You compete with the soccer team, homework, careers, fatigue…you name it. There’s a lot of competition for your members’ time. You need a way to remain on their minds. Unique content tailored to them can do this.

Creating meaningful content is the perfect way to allow your members to get to know your organization better, even if they can’t attend events or meetings. It’s also a way to create value. If you can become their go-to resource for information on the niche you serve, you will see an increase in renewals and loyalty.

The word value is bounced around a lot in member-based organizations. Create value for your members! But how? While creating the content might not be a breeze (then again, you don’t need to worry about it – that’s what I do), figuring out the ideal composition of that content isn’t hard. It should look something like this Venn diagram:

vennFrom your members’ perspectives you want to take into consideration:

  • what they want/love
  • what they actually need from your organization and
  • what they find joy in/are tickled by

Understanding what they want can be done through asking or observing.

What they need is the reason they joined your organization. It might be industry information. It might be networking. Whatever it is, make sure you’re giving it to them.

The final component is what sparks the crazy magic known as retention. You’re meeting all the expectations and needs they have and then you’re throwing in something special. Whatever that is, it causes them to identify with you. To capture this you must give of yourself, and not just in the way of service, but give of your personality and your spark. Show them the people behind your organization, tell your story and draw them in.

Do this and you’ve found your content sweet spot — better known as value.

Your turn...