Content Marketing & You

Hi, I’m Christina and I would love to help you tell your story.

But storytelling is just the beginning. Word-of-mouth referrals are the new currency and no one refers someone to a business that met their expectations. You must exceed them and that doesn’t begin when they call you. It’s estimated that 76% of customers do their research on the Internet before contacting your business. Your homepage (or social media profile) is now your receptionist/greeter. What are potential customers experiencing when they walk through your virtual door?

Content marketing and social media help you:

  • make an impression
  • stand out from the competition
  • improve repeat business and
  • increase loyalty
  • reap the benefits of “earned” marketing (otherwise known as referral marketing, the most powerful kind)

Content creation and social media monitoring are time-consuming. If you don’t have the time, I can help or if you want to know how to get started, I can help with that too. I offer customized services for all of my clients because marketing success is no longer formulaic. It’s interactive.

If you’re struggling with content, know you don’t have to do it all. There are people out there who can help. (Me, me, choose me). Good content answers your customer’s questions, addresses their needs, and solves their problems. I’ll work with you to figure that out.

I chose the small business market because of its stories. They’re unique, captivating and motivating. Isn’t it time you told yours?


Fill out the form below for a free needs assessment. We’ll talk about what makes you unique and how we can work together to ensure your customers see that and think of you first.



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